Who We Are

Trafficking in persons is a grave human rights violation and a transnational crime, thus, it is imperative to have more effective collaboration in addressing the issue, strengthen our collective voice as Catholic organizations and maximize the use of resources.

Although Anti-Human Trafficking program covers Pan-Asia area, it was the Greater Mekong Sub Region (GMS) that agreed to form a Task Force to ensure greater collaboration and coordination, and to be more timely and effective in responding to the particular issues in the sub-region (Siem Reap Meeting, July 2014).

Our work against human trafficking is a living expression of our faith:

  • To uphold human dignity;
  • To live by the Social Teachings of the church; living the values of the Kingdom;
  • Guided by the Catholic Social Teaching, we work to alleviate poverty – to reach the poorest of the poor;
  • All religions see the exploitation of the person as a sin:
    • It is our duty to strengthen the moral values of a person
    • Ensure high ethical standards of the people, groups, or organizations working on the issue of human trafficking