Vision and Mission


Working towards the elimination of human trafficking, the promotion of human dignity, global solidarity and empowerment of people in the Greater Mekong Sub Region (GMS)


  1. To promote and ensure collaboration and better cooperation within Caritas in GMS and other Catholic organizations, and like-minded organizations within the sub-region and other areas.
  2. To develop links and partnerships with other institutions, such as government agencies, private enterprises, academe, media, other faith-based groups, civil society organizations, and others, to further strengthen anti-human trafficking initiatives
  3. To update the members of the network with development research and assist in the generation of critical information
  4. To represent the Caritas organizations in the GMS towards policy makers; to ensure that local Caritas have access to policy reviews and advocate for policy changes.
  5. To lead Caritas organizations in the GMS in pinpointing potential strategies/develop strategic action (being able to synthesize what has been done and at the same time to develop new strategic directions)
  6. To lead Caritas organizations in the GMS in strengthening links with educational institutions to promote respect for human rights and concerns for human trafficking victims/ survivors.